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Business Strategies

Business Promotion Model

Established original technologies of artificial seeds of fresh-water eels and the mass production systems of artificial seeds of juvenile grass eel fish of highly added value having superior growth and survival rates through convergence/integration of ICT and IOT technologies


Directions of Mid and Long Term Business

Securing uniform production process and technologies at the stage of “juvenile fish→ adult fish →shipment”
based on the existing mass production and production process technologies of juvenile fresh-water eel fish and then securing
"the business platform" in linkage with ICT to expand global markets and positions constantly.

  • 01

    Establishing Mass Production System

Establishing the Mass Production Systems
of Juvenile Fresh-Water Eel Fish

  • Establishing the Juvenile Production Systems

  • Launching the Domestic and International Markets
    through Mass Production

  • 02

    Business Diversification

Promoting Business Diversification

  • Unification System of Mass Production of
    Adult Fish→ Juvenile Fish

  • Launching a New Business Using Adult Fish

  • Platform Business: Technology and Process Package

  • 03

    Global Business Term

Extending to Global Business

  • Securing International Positions, Selling Platform

  • Marine Industry-Based Bio Business
    (Medicines and Cosmetics Raw Materials)

  • Seed Business of Highly Added Value,
    F & D Business (Seafood Town)

  • Fresh-Water Eel Marine Products,
    Fusion Special Food Franchise Business

Business Strategy

As a special artificial seed company, JJ& GOOGOL HOLDINGS establishes mass production systems through detailed strategies of
each stage and extends related industries into feed, eels farming, plant and bio- fields, advocating
the most leading business in maritime bio-fields as well as seed technologies.