Introduction of Laboratories

JJ& GOOGOL HOLDINGS makes every effort to develop advanced technologies by researching artificial seeds of
fresh-water eels and cutting edge marine seeds and breeding laboratory, life engineering, genetic engineering,
molecular biochemistry research including the Korean Society of Fish Pathology and complex building eel farming,
and managing the advanced ICT laboratory and marine food processing laboratory.


Seed breeding Aquaculture

Seed breeding Aquaculture laboratory researches and develops the seeds and breeding of marine
products of highly added value and those of f fresh-water eels.

Research Fields

  • Technology Research in order to augment artificial seeds, growth and survival rates of fresh-water eels

  • Research on fish species of highly added value and breeding and farming of fish

Life Engineering Laboratory

Life Engineering Laboratory uses and applies biometric systems including microorganism, animal and plant cells.

Research Fields

  • Basic Research on Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, etc

  • Applied Research on Genetic Engineering, Biochemistry Engineering, Fermentation Technologies

  • R & D through a study on activating physiological dispositions of marine living creatures

Genetic Engineering Laboratory

Genetic Engineering Laboratory researches mainly focusing on genetic thremmatology out of
biological techniques of fish consideried important in economic terms

Research Fields

  • Research on Excellent Growth Effects at the sexual maturity stage and an Increase of Taste through Chromosome Engineering

  • A Research on Methods for Transgender of Both Sexes and Increasing Production Amounts

  • Enhancing a Quality of Aquaculture through a Research on Traits of Eels Species

  • Individual Selection of Excellent Traits and Improving Traits through it

Molecular Biochemistry

Molecular Biochemistry Laboratories researches the separation and expression of GPCR genes in fish
utilizing molecular biochemistry and membrane protein biochemistry.

Research Fields

  • Research on GPCR (G Protein-Coupled Receptor)

  • Research on the Separation, Expression and Sign Delivery of GPCR Genes

  • Research on Activating Actions of GPCRs and Protein Engineering

The Korean Society
of Fish Pathology

The Korean Society of Fish Pathology researches preventive measures against various diseases,
identifies and sorts out pathogens. Also, this society studies a great deal of preventive and
treatment method by researching and investigating characteristics of infectious agents.

Research Fields

  • Sorting out andIidentifying Fish Pathology of Microorganisms

  • Search and Research on Characters of Substances to Activate the Immune Cells

  • Developing Preventive Vaccines

  • Developing Molecular Biological Diagnostic Methods (DNA Chip)

Feed Laboratory

Feed Laboratory researches metabolism of digestion, absorption, activation and excretion of various
nutrients occurring in cultured living creatures and furthermore marine living creature bodies.

Research Fields

  • Research on Dietetics for rgw Mass Production of Artificial Seeds of Eels

  • Developing Additives to Facilitate the Consumption of Feed for Reinforcing the Immune System

  • Research on Eco-Friendly Low Pollutant Formula Feed

  • Research and Inspection of a Quality of Feed and Food

Complex Building Aquaculture

The advanced building aquaculture laboratory is carrying out a research about industrialization of the advanced building aquaculture as the aquaculture industry.

Research Fields

  • Research on Atomization of Building Aquaculture and Mechanization Systems

  • Research on Filter System and Instrumentation such as BFT (Biofloc Technology)

  • Research on Architecture, Patterns, Processing, Leisure and Tourism of Building Aquaculture

Cutting-Edge ICT

Cutting-edge ICT Laboratory carries out a research to deduct optimal algorithms of growth and
development environments according to types of breed and integrate such
algorithms into aquaculture technologies through ICT.

Research Fields

  • Technology Research of Big Data in order to Deduct Optimal Algorithms for Growth and Development Environments

  • Research on Aquaculture Systems and Instruments through ICT

  • Research on Aquaculture Plant Instruments and Soft Platform Operating System

Marine Product Processing and
Food Processing Laboratory

Marine Product Processing and Food Processing Laboratory researches about processing and
preserving foods and developing new products in order to effectively cultivate and utilize a wide
variety of marine products including fresh-water eels

Research Fields

  • R & D of New Products such as Canned Marine Products and Fish Jelly Products

  • Shipment of Low Temperature and High Density of Live Fish and Development of Shipping Methods

  • Development of Food Processing, Preservation and Treatment Technologies