Introduction of Fresh-Water Eels

Sorts of Eels

Eel fish is classified into a total of 18 species (15species and 3 subspecies) around the whole world.

of Eel

Eel Eel
Hagfish Hagfish
Muraenesox cinereus Muraenesox cinereus
Sea eel Sea eel

Major Species of Eel

- Major species for seeds for aquaculture are four ones from Far East, Europe, North America and Southeast Asian Regions
- Especially, species from Far East (Anguilla Japonica) having outstanding taste and fragrance distinguishes themselves in commercial values.

Made in Far East</br>(Anguilla Japonica) Made in Far East
(Anguilla Japonica)
Made in Europe</br>(Anguilla Anguilla) Made in Europe
(Anguilla Anguilla)
Made in North America</br>(Noztra species) Made in North America
(Noztra species)
Made in Southeast regions</br>(Anguilla</br>marmorata) Made in Southeast regions
Made in Southeast regions</br>(Anguilla Bicolor) Made in Southeast regions
(Anguilla Bicolor)

The Life of Eels and the Meaning of Pungcheon Eels

1)The Life of Eels

Eels were spawned from eggs around Mariana Trench which is located away from 3000 km in the nation.
After being hatched from eggs, leptocephalus travel across the current to transfer to Kuroshio Current for north near the Philippines toward the South and West Coasts of Korea via Taiwan and Japan.
Leptocephalus is transformed into grass eels at the moment they arrive at a shallow sea around the continent.
The grass eels began to grow gradually, coming in the river. They are fresh-water eels.

The eels weigh only 0.2g by 5 cm at the stage of grass eels. But they weight over 200g as they live for five to ten years, while moving around rivers and seas.
With the period of spawning approaching, eels move over and over to Mariana Trench deep sea away from 3000km to lay eggs and wind up with their life.

2)The Meaning of Pungcheon Eels

Pungcheon Eels mean not a name of a region in the nation but river areas where seawater and fresh water come together and there are sea and land breezes.