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JJ& GOOGOL HOLDINGS has been grown under the philosophy of putting world-class Maritime Biotechnologies as top priority since its establishment in 2000 up to now.
It makes more strenuous efforts to become a global leading company in maritime bio industries including the sectors of development & production of artificial seed.

“Indefinite Change, Indefinite Innovation, Value Creation”

Since its establishment, this company has always showed leadership in exploring new ways and creating innovative changes against crises from rapidly changing business environments without cease to develop the world-class maritime biotechnologies & plant technologies and convergence/ integration technologies of ICT, IOT, NT, BT and NIBT.

Such efforts made JJ& GOOGOL HOLDINGS heighten the survival and growth rates of artificial seeds of fresh- water eels compared to any other competitive countries, which has given birth to industrialization of artificial seeds of fresh-water eels.

"JJ&GOOGOL HOLDINGS will lead “indefinite potentials of maritime bio fields."

JJ& GOOGOL HOLDINGS will be officially recognized as a research institute for national key technological R & D to establish Korea Maritime Institute and ICT (Information, Communication, Technology) convergence/ integration R & D Center and become a global leading company through ceaseless R & D based on multi-technologies such as applications that can be applied into artificial seed business of highly added value and a variety of aquaculture fields, as well as artificial seed business in maritime bio- fields by extending into the fields of neo bio-medicines, cosmetic raw material business, F & D business, and so on.

Thank you.

CEO: Seong-ho Lee

Major Brief History

  • Life Science Graduate School of Korea University

  • the honorary doctorate in business administration at Kazakhstan’s Almaty National University of Science and Technology

  • The Former Adjunct Professor of the Department of Computing of the Engineering College of Yanbin University of Science and Technology in China

  • Establishing Seo Kwang Electronics Co., Ltd

  • Sinzisikin Award from the KSA and Prime Minister’s Award

  • Award for Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office Award

  • Invention Day Grand Prize Award

  • Won the Grand Prize of Venture Entrepreneur