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Agenda of Electing the Chairman of JJ& GOOGOL HOLDINGS

  • JJ&GOOGOL HOLDINGS (ejjgoogol)
  • 2019-09-03 13:26:00
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JJ& GOOGOL HOLDINGS Co., Ltd publicly notices that the former Chairman Gyeong-hun Lee of Kingdom Holdings Group was elected as the Chairman of JJ& GOOGOL HOLDINGS by consensus of Board of Directors at the board meeting held on July 29 2019.


Brief History and Career of Chairman Geyong-hoon Lee

Graduating from Yonsei University, Chairman Geyong-hoon Lee has a lot of careers and experiences of having  worked at Daewoo Group and established Daesan-Oju Joint Venture, taken charge of the CEO of iMall, Supermerce INC, the Vice Chairman of Nnowiz Co., Ktd and the U. S Victus Capital, Chairman of Mediaquitious, Samsung D & C INC, ESF International, and the Chairman of Hong Kong Whitestone Wealth & Investment Group, Ambient Investment Group and Holdings Group. Finally, he was elected as the Chairman of JJ& GOOGOL HOLDINGS

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