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a brief Introduction to freshwater-eel artifial seed mass production business

  • JJ&GOOGOL HOLDINGS (ejjgoogol)
  • 2019-11-27 11:29:00
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Since 2000,

JJ & Googol Holdings has been developing of freshwater-eel artificial seed technologies, feed technologies and plant facility technologies

and as a result, succeeded massive production of artificial seed of glass eel.

The technologies has been proved by PCT Patent Technology Survey Report (PCT/KR2014/005206GH) (novelty, inventive step, industrial use is available),

We have acquired patents of international source technology from 23 countries including Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, USA  and EU (EU) etc.

And also 20 patents in Korea.

Attached data is a brief introduction of our company's freshwater eel artificial seed mass production business.


We're hoping to ask for your interests and supports.


Thank you.



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